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Technaus Solar’s Refer a Friend Program is back and better than ever!
Refer a friend and receive a $300 Prezzee Gift Card.

Here’s how you can redeem your $300 Prezzee Gift Card:

The Technaus Solar Refer a Friend promotion is available to all existing customers of Technaus Pty Ltd. In summary, the referrer will be gifted a A$300 Preezze Gift Card for each referral that is installed.

The following terms and conditions apply:

• The Refer a Friend promotion is open to all existing customers of Technaus Pty Ltd (ABN: 75 354 156 203) (hereafter referred to as Technaus) which purchased and installed a system and/or batteries with Technaus (hereafter referred to as Referrer).

• Technaus offers to provide a $300 Prezzee gift card to the Referrer as a reward (hereafter referred to as Benefit).

• This promotion is on-going. The promotion period is under the discretion of Technaus. Technaus reserves the right to terminate, modify or suspend the promotion at any time.

• A Referrer will be entitled to receive a $300 Prezzee Gift Card if referral was made during the promotional period, 
           • The Referrer submitted a Referral Form on Technaus’ website or sent a Referral Form directly to Technaus
           • The referred individual (hereafter referred to as ‘Referee’) enters into a contract of sale with Technaus
           • The Referee’s solar power system is installed by Technaus and
            The Referee makes a payment for the solar power system installed by Technaus.

• Referrers may nominate a number of Referees with no limitations.

• Benefit is subject to terms and conditions of use, as deemed by Prezzee. Please refer to Prezzee’s website for full terms and conditions and terms of service.

• The promotion cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer, is not transferable and cannot be redeemed as cash. Referrers are limited to selecting a retailer from those made available by Prezzee.

• Benefit will be delivered upon installation of Referee’s solar power system.

• Benefit will be delivered via e-gift card. Ensuring contact details are correct and current is the Referrer’s and Referee’s responsibility and Technaus holds no liability should this be incorrect.

REFERRER means a person who is an existing customer of Technaus who has signed a contract, made payment on their solar power system and has had the solar power system installed.

REFEREE means a purchaser that has been referred to Technaus’ product and service by an existing customer of Technaus.

REFERRAL FORM refers to the electronic form present on Technaus’ website under ‘Refer a Friend’.

BENEFIT A $300 Prezzee Gift Card.

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